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looking after
lawn edges

Give your grass the perfect edge

You don't want to spend hours mowing your lawn only to leave untidy, overgrown edges.
Here's our guide to picking the right gardening tools for creating a nice, tidy border so your lawn looks immaculate.

grass trimming

A grass trimmer is the perfect gardening tool for cutting the grass your lawnmower can't reach.

They use a nylon cord instead of a blade, allowing you to cut safely against paving, walls and other features.

McGregor 350W Grass Trimmer

A high performance, hassle-free trimmer with an adjustable head – so you can trim and then edge your lawn with one quick switch.

McGregor 350W Grass Trimmer

Spear & Jackson 450W Grass Trimmer

Simple to maneuver with an adjustable head, this trimmer will make tidying your lawn fast and easy.

Spear & Jackson Trimmer

Bosch 280W Corded Grass Trimer

Great for smaller gardens. The large 23cm head helps you cut more grass with each pass.

Bosch 280W Grass Trimmer

define your border

Over time wear, tear and plant growth will soften your lawn's edges.

Use an edging tool to cut away any plant growth and give your garden a smart, defined border.

View more of our edging tools

Wilkinson Sword 1111115W Edging Blade

This gardening tool uses a curved edge that makes slicing and cutting through turf smooth and simple.

Wilkinson Sword Edging Blade

Log roll edging

Make boarders stylish and neat with this versatile roll of log edging. Mould to the shape of your border and peg in for instant style.

Log roll edging

MTD 550G Petrol Edger

If you have a massive lawn, or the job looks too tough, then this petrol edger will take the strain and give you nice defined edges effortlessly.

MTD 550G Petrol Edger


Grass trimmers are versatile, but they can't always get into difficult areas or tackle tough, rogue roots.

To get the final touches finished, reach for some secateurs or shears to tidy up the last few troublesome spots.

Explore our secateurs and shears

Challenge Garden Hand Shears

If other plants are encroaching on your lawn, you'll need a more powerful pair of shears to cut them back.

Challenge Garden Hand Shears

Bosch cordless shear

For the ultimate in effortless gardening, this battery charged shear powers through your edging and is light enough to use with one hand.

Bosch cordless shear

Spear and Jackson Razorsharp Edging Shears

This strong, sturdy chopper can cut easily through thick roots. It's also great if you want to trim grass without bending down.

Spear and Jackson Edging Shears
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