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Garden jobs
for autumn

Garden tips for the colder months

Tidy up your garden this season and get prepped for winter with our autumnal gardening guide.
With helpful tips and our pick of the best tools for each job, here's how you can enjoy your fall garden to the fullest.

Keep your lawn clear of leaves

You know it's autumn when the ground is carpeted with leaves - but to enjoy a green lawn come spring it's important to keep your grass clear.

Whether you're set with a trusty rake or want to invest in some power to do the hard work for you, don't waste the leaves - they make great compost.

Spear and Jackson Corded Garden Blower

With a mulching function and a handy collection bag you can empty straight into your compost heap.

Spear and Jackson Corded Garden Blower

Challenge Garden Lawn Rake

Lightweight, strong and durable - this rake is ideal for the everyday upkeep of a smaller lawn.

Challenge Garden Lawn Rake

McGregor Cordless Blower

This lightweight blower is a practical option for clearing a leafy lawn, featuring a 135mph air flow speed.

McGregor Cordless Blower

Trim back your hedges

Cut back your hedges, bushes and shrubs before the onset of winter to protect from wind damage.

Our powerful hedge trimmers will make easy work of this task and ensure your hedges are a cut above the rest.

View our range of hedge trimmers and accessories

Challenge 550W Hedge Trimmer

Cut the time it takes to trim your hedges with this compact, lightweight and easy to use option.

Challenge 550W Hedge Trimmer

Spear & Jackson Petrol Grass Trimmer

This petrol trimmer has an easy start system and low vibrations so it's more comfortable to use.

Spear & Jackson Grass Trimmer

Bosch Electric Corded Hedge Trimmer

Great for tackling smaller hedges, this lightweight but powerful trimmer gives a clean and precise cut every time.

Bosch Electric Hedge Trimmer

Look after your lawn

Summer may have taken its toll on your lawn so now is the time to repair wear-and-tear before the winter chill.

Scarify now to remove moss and spread some autumn lawn fertiliser. With a final trim you'll be prepped for a lush lawn when spring arrives.

View our full range of scarifiers

Spear & Jackson Scarifier and Raker

Scarifying removes dead old grass so young, fresh grass has the space to grow healthily and thrive.

Spear & Jackson Scarifier

Lawn Spreader

Evenly distribute your autumn lawn feed with this garden spreader. It's also great to grit your paths on icy mornings.

Lawn Spreader
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