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Jumbo grills for cooking the ultimate barbecue feast

Stoke the charcoal and turn up the gas - if you're throwing a big barbecue bash, you'll need some serious grilling gear to keep the party cooking. Here's some of our favourite heavy-duty grills, perfect for everything from classic burgers and sausages, to smoky meats and rotisserie treats.

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Lovo Premium Charcoal BBQ with Rotisserie

The stylish black Lovo barbecue may look big, but it gets even bigger. Fold down the lid and you get a second cooking surface, doubling your grill space.

It also features a battery-powered rotisserie, so as well as all the usual barbecue favourites, you can treat guests to roast chicken, leg of lamb and more.

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Premium 6 Burner Gas BBQ with Side Burner

With 6 burners and a side burner, you'll have no trouble providing for the masses with this bumper size premium gas barbecue.

You have complete control to adjust the heat on every burner separately, so you can create a whole variety of different dishes and cook them just right.

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Oil drum BBQ with adjustable height tray

If you want to keep it simple this summer, a classic oil drum BBQ is easy to light, cook on and clean – plus gives your food a delicious chargrilled flavour.

This oil drum BBQ has an adjustable charcoal tray, so you can raise for a more intense smoky flavour, or lower for a longer cooking time.

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Milan 6 Seater Patio Set

Make sure there's plenty of space for guests at your big barbecue bash.

Milan 6 Seater Patio Set
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Bar-Be-Quick Instant Lighting BBQ Charcoal

To give your charcoal grilling a kick start, use some instant light lumpwood to get the fire going faster.

bar-be-quick charcoal
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Heavy Duty Large BBQ Cover - Express Delivery

Whichever barbecue you choose, make sure you pick a cover to protect it against the weather when not in use.

heavy duty bbq cover
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