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Get the most out of your mulch

Composting makes great use of the fallen leaves, cuttings and other garden waste that soon builds up over autumn.

Here's a heap of composting tips to help you make nutrient-rich compost from your garden waste.

Pick the right composter

A composter is a great way to contain your heap and keep your garden tidy.

The Slot Down Compost Bin holds up to 650L of waste. It's made from pressure-treated, rough-sawn boards, protecting it from rot and decay. It stays strong and stays looking smart.

Collect leaves from your lawn

Shredded leaves make a great addition to your composter. Make collecting them quick and easy with a leaf blower or garden vacuum.

The mulch feature on this Worx TriVac Garden Vacuum will collect and shred the leaves in one so you can empty the handy collection bag straight into your composter.

Save clippings from your garden

Offcuts from your shrubs, bushes and hedges are great, carbon-rich additions to your composter.

Make light work of cutting back denser hedges with this versatile hedge trimmer.

Add waste from your kitchen

Like any diet we can all benefit from some extra greens - and it's the same for your compost. Just add moss, grass cuttings and waste from your kitchen.

This plastic composter is ideal for organic household and garden waste.

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