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Lauren Pope's Home Workout

Find out what Lauren does at home to help her keep in shape and stay healthy.

Working out with a buddy is often the best way to get motivated. Not only does it encourage you to work out more often, but it can inspire people to work out for longer too.

Meet...Lauren Pope


How often do you train and what is your training routine at home?

I am very good at just getting to the gym. I’ll try and get my work done in the morning and then go mid / late morning and get it done. To be able to do something that’s a bit more chilled and relaxed at home is a lot easier. When I’m travelling I’ll always try and take a band with me, there’s so much you can do with them for your legs, bum and abs

Why do you enjoy working out with friends?

I think it takes away the intimidation of not knowing what you are doing because you’ve got someone to bounce off. It also makes it good fun, you can have a gossip, while you’re actually doing crunches.

What are your key fitness goals for 2017 and top tips for achieving them? And what is your healthiest habit?

2017 fitness goals are definitely to keep working on the bum. My bum top tip is to do a lot of squats, but also to raise your toes. My healthiest habit is probably having breakfast. I think it’s such an easy meal to skip, I always make sure I have my breakfast before 9.

What advice would you give to all your friends, family and fans to motivate them?

I would suggest before and after pictures and take them regularly – as soon as you start seeing that one little bit of difference, as soon as you start seeing a slight bit of a shadow on an ab, that’s your motivation. Try and take pictures from the front back and side, then you’ve got truthful pictures.

What is it that you get out of exercising?

I think it releases something that is really positive for your day, I know it sounds cheesy but if you’ve got a stressful day, taking that hour or even half an hour just to go off into your front room, clear the table out the way and do a few exercises then I do genuinely believe you’ll have a better day. You’ll be in a better frame of mind, you’ll feel better, you’ll eat better, there isn’t really any negatives.

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