Kids room wallpaper and painting ideas


From stripes to jagged mountain landscapes, geometric paint designs are a simple way to inject some fun into their bedroom. Patterned or themed wallpaper provides additional colour and flair. 

Patterned angular teepees cast a fun silhouette against a backdrop of simple stripes. 

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Stress-free stripes 

Liven up a bland bedroom wall with this super simple stripe effect.

Step 1

Prep your walls and paint your base colour with a roller. Leave to dry for 24 hours.

Step 2

Using the string and pins, mark your first diagonal stripe guide on the wall. Make sure you’re completely happy with the angle before continuing. 

Step 3

Take the masking tape and follow the line made by the string. Use the ruler to measure between each stripe. Stripes should be between 4-12 inches wide.

Step 4

Select your stripe paint colour and paint in the stripes using a small roller or brush. Leave to dry and then remove the tape… voila! 

Top shelves 

Make the functional fun!

Take a simple plain shelf and paint a funky geometric backdrop. Add pictures, frames and toys to add even more personality.

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Arty Alps 

Beat mount’n boredom (hehe) by creating your own geometric inspired mountain range.

Step 1

Prep your walls and paint your base colour with a roller. Leave to dry.

Step 2

Mark out your mountains with the masking tape. Freestyle to make them different shapes and sizes.

Step 3

Paint inside the masking tape with the first colour. Use the paintbrush to touch up any areas and leave to dry.

Step 4

Repeat with your second colour. Leave to dry and then remove the tape.

Dream themes 

From starry skies to forest fairies, create a world of wonder with a few strips of fun themed wallpaper and co-ordinating accessories. 

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Breathe Easy

Look after little lungs with the Crown Breatheasy emulsion range. 99% solvent free, harmful fumes are reduced and it’s much better for the environment. 

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