wake up,
work out

Tired of waiting for equipment at the gym?
Or maybe it's just not your thing?
Avoid the stress by doing home workout exercises instead.

The Core Exercise Equipment

Build up your strength and fitness with the essentials to a home workout.

Pump It Up

Build muscle, boost weight loss.

Stretch, Tone and Recover

Complement your workouts with these handy fitness accessories.

Partner up

Exercising doesn’t have to be a lonely task – grab a friend and try out this great workout.

Why do you enjoy working out with friends?

“I think it takes away the intimidation of not knowing what you are doing because you’ve got someone to bounce off. It also makes it good fun, you can have a gossip, while you’re actually doing crunches.”

-Lauren Pope


Exercises to do at home

Work up a sweat in the comfort of your own home. Focus on a key area, or work your whole body with these simple workout routines.

Abs Workout

A core workout to tighten that tummy

Kettlebells Full Body Workout

Get a total body tone up with a routine that hits all of those problem areas

Cardio Workout

Bounce back into a cardio routine and watch those pounds melt away

And Stretch..

Here's three top tips from Men's Health to get you started:

Stretch for 15 seconds

This is the optimum amount of time to stretch. Any less, you won't gain anything from it and any more, there will be no extra benefits.

Take deep breaths

Breathe out for 5 seconds as you sink into each stretch - this will help your muscles relax and become pliable.

Put in a separate recovery session

Instead of having a rest day, have a stretch session instead. This will help to reduce stiffness and improve your flexibility, helping you to feel fresh heading into your next workout.

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