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Richard’s fitness career spans over 20 years, ranging from managing health clubs and presenting international group fitness, to personal training and supporting weight loss transformations on primetime TV.

What got you into fitness?

“My whole family are sports mad and from an early age I slipped into athletics, football, gymnastics and basketball. It progressed from there into wanting to be involved in either the sports or fitness side.”

What do you enjoy most about training other people?

“I love the challenge of initiating change, watching it happen and I enjoy being part of the entire journey.”

What has been your biggest achievement to date?

“It was being selected from hundreds of applicants to be a trainer on ITV1’s ‘The Biggest Loser’ and also becoming a father for the first time.”

What is your greatest fear?

“My biggest fear would be that I lost my health and fitness in some way that impacted upon my life, profession and family.”



Alice is an online phenomenon, fitness blogger extraordinaire, personal trainer and actress. She has also published her own book: ‘The Body Bible’ which became a Sunday Times Best Seller.

Where did your passion derive from?

“I think my passion comes from an understanding of what it’s like to be at rock bottom, unhealthy and unhappy, and the journey to find my own way out of that without having help from anyone else.”

What do you love most about personal training?

“I love helping people to achieve things they didn’t think they could. When a client exceeds their own expectations of themselves in the gym and the elation that often brings, there is no better feeling.” 

What has been your biggest achievement to date?

“My biggest achievement to date is absolutely publishing my first book ‘The Body Bible,’ which has since become a Sunday Times Best Seller.”


Lauren Pope is a TV personality, entrepreneur, DJ and most recently, every girl’s fitness inspiration. 

What is it you get out of exercising?

"I think it releases something that is really positive for your day, I know it sounds cheesy but if you’ve got a stressful day, taking that hour or even half an hour just to go off into your front room, clear the table out the way and do a few exercises then I do genuinely believe you’ll have a better day. You’ll be in a better frame of mind, you’ll feel better, you’ll eat better, there isn’t really any negatives."

What are your key fitness goals for 2017 and top tips for achieving them? And what is your healthiest habit?

"2017 fitness goals are definitely to keep working on the bum. My bum top tip is to do a lot of squats, but also to raise your toes. My healthiest habit is probably having breakfast. I think it’s such an easy meal to skip, I always make sure I have my breakfast before 9."

What advice would you give to all your friends, family and fans to motivate them?

"I would suggest before and after pictures and take them regularly – as soon as you start seeing that one little bit of difference, as soon as you start seeing a slight bit of a shadow on an ab, that’s your motivation. Try and take pictures from the front back and side, then you’ve got truthful pictures."    

Our Top Rated Products

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Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Band Black - Small

“The Fitbit charge 2 is fantastic, I use it daily to log my food, which is so easy and takes seconds, you can change the display so you can choose from 6 different displays. It's a great boost throughout the day to see how many miles you've walked and how many flights of stairs you have climbed. I really recommend getting one.”

CharlieG, Somerset UK, 06/10/2016


Fitbit Blaze Smartwatch Black – Large

“A good get fit companion. Monitors your heart rate, counts your steps, and via the fitbit app does loads more in connection with your phone or tablet. Battery life is good and recharging is quick and easy. If you want something that looks a bit more like a regular watch I would definitely recommend this. You can also purchase additional straps if you want to change its look or make it look even more like a watch.”

Mr B, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK, 14/06/2016

USN 500g Creatine Monohydrate Shake

“This is a very good product is you are looking to pack on size and put on muscle fast, this creatine helped me bulk and increase my performance in the gym. I could lift more weight all within 2 weeks of taking the product.”

Adam, London, UK, 11/11/2016

WonderCore Smart

"The WonderCore does exactly what you would expect of it. It allows you to keep generally fit by offering specific exercises that stretch your muscles whilst allowing you to do so within your capabilities. The device is easy to set up and adjust. In effect, you can increase or reduce the tension in the spring mechanism to suit your requirements. The attached video offers some good workout exercises to complement the specific exercises suggested for the WonderCore."

ppbun, Cornwall, 2/11/2016

Reebok One GT60 Treadmill

“Very heavy and sturdy treadmill. Looks like a gym like equipment. Brilliant features and various exercise levels to suit your work style exercise. You can also listen to music while exercising as it has MP3 connectivity with built in speaker and you can track your heart beat while exercising. Bought when on Offer, so managed to save couple of pounds. Overall a brilliant treadmill and would recommend!!!”

Don Don, London UK, 24/5/2016

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