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Everything for the school bag

Mobile quick guide

Find the right mobile phone for your school bag.

To 4G or not to 4G?

4G lets you browse the internet up to 5 times faster than 3G. You’ll need a 4G enabled phone and a SIM card that supports 4G.

What is pay-as-you-go?

These SIM cards are topped up with money to spend on calls, texts and data – an ideal first phone pay-plan.

What is SIM-free?

SIM-free gives you just the handset, without a SIM card or network restrictions – perfect if you’re swapping from an old phone.

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Study & Homework

Create a Study Zone

Make homework and revision stress-free with your own at-home study zone!

Find the right space

Your bed is for relaxing in, so keep your study area spearate. A desk and comfy chair are perfect.

Bright Ideas

Pick a study-spot near a window, or add a desk lamp so there's plenty of light to keep you alert.

Make it personal

Be creative with your space. A few inspiring quotes, photos or postcards will keep you motivated.

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Residential Trip Tips

Overnight? Whole week away? Don't forget these handy residential trip must-haves!

Sandwich bag saviour

Seal toiletries in sandwich bags to avoid any leaks in your bag. Simply grab and go on route to the shower block.

Portable Washing Basket

Put muddy clothes in bin liners to keep your other stuff clean. Tip straight into the washing machine when you're home.

Take Note

Pack a notebook and pen to jot what you do each day. It will help you to remember any funny or embarrassing moments!

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