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Inspire your children with the wonderful world of creativity and science, and let their imaginations flow into every minute of their playtime and learning. Get them some fantastic science kits, with tests to run, microscopes to observe and fun, explorative ways to introduce them to the world of academia. Unleash their artistic visions into the world with painting, drawing and colouring toys, and see where their unique perspective takes them. If they enjoy the arts, maybe they'd love some musical instruments, designed for kids, to explore a new talent they're yet to uncover. So, if your child has an artistic side, maybe they'd love one of our kids cameras to take a few of their own snaps on. And, if all else fails, indulge their messy and gruesome side with some slime.

Once they've build a little world of toys, they'll need some characters to explore with; at Argos, we have a fantastic range of action figures and dolls so your children can play out any scenario imaginable. And, once play time is over, get them to safely store all their toys away in a toy box or chest.

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