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Playtime is also a perfect opportunity for kids to learn. Baby and pre-school toys help children develop their motor skills, balance and dexterity. For babies and toddlers, every toy they pick up can teach them something. Give them some baby musical instruments and watch them make music. Hand them a baby soft toy or games with light and sound for sensory play.

As youngsters grow up, they can learn to make things with their own hands. Fill their toy box with creative kits and unleash their inner artist. Play Doh is a favourite for modelling and its creative possibilities are endless. Lego can spark their imagination to build anything they want. It's amazing to see what kids can create with a handful of bricks.

Imaginative role play carries on throughout their childhood to help them develop life skills. Taking care of their dolls can encourage children to develop social skills. Action figures let kids act out scenarios and put themselves in the character's shoes. Child-friendly tech devices and games help them get started with technology, too.

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