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Explore a different universe with Toys to life and transport yourself into a new world of gaming. This new way to play is quirky and innovative with collectable figurines to go alongside the video game itself. With all your adventure saved in the action figure, pop the game in, lock the figurine into the portal, and go on a journey with your favourite characters. Become a portal master in the world of Skylanders; gather your Disney Infinity play sets, and expand your imagination as you craft your way to greatness in Lego Dimensions for a whirlwind adventure with the Toys to life series.

Toys to life games are compatible with many modern consoles, such as the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo's collection. So, if you're into physically interactive gaming, then why not check out some of the fantastic consoles from Nintendo, such as the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo Switch. These creatively designed gaming systems transform the way you play and they'll test your versatility when adapting to the style of the game you're playing. So, get involved and show the gaming community what you’ve got.

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