Possibly the most inclusive console of all time, the Nintendo Wii offers a different take on gaming with its interactive Wii remote and various attachments, such as the Nunchuk and Wii Wheel, so anyone can give gaming a go, without having to be too familiar with classic console controllers and styles. Featuring motion sensing technology, the Wii remote manipulates gameplay on your television screen by physical swings, swipes, jabs and gestures – just make sure you strap in before you start! With a variety of games - even expanding into the world of fitness with Wii fit packages - the Wii takes a fresh look into modern gaming and breaks from expectations.

 If you would like to try other products from Nintendo, we have the extremely versatile, Nintendo Switch, which can be connected to the tele, propped on tables, and even played like a tablet in hand with the Joy Con controllers snapped on the side. If you like handheld devices, then the Nintendo 3DS would be a great addition to your collection which features stereoscopic, dual screen technology. However, if you would like some traditionally styled consoles to add to your gaming options, then we also stock the PS4 and Xbox One.

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