Nintendo Wii U



Which is better: the Nintendo Switch or the Nintendo Wii U? There's a lot of debate on this subject, so why not make the decision yourself? The Wii U was the first of Nintendo's range to support HD gaming and its ability to switch from the TV to the controller is really handy when someone else would like to watch the television – this way you won't have to stop gaming. The Wii U is backward-compatible with all of the Nintendo Wii games and accessories, and adds another dimension to your gaming experience as you can use it as an additional screen for more view points and extra gameplay possibilities. You can even draw on it, play mini-games and video call friends.

If you're into gaming, then why not branch out and get a PS4 or an Xbox One for the latest in high-tech gaming. Both of these consoles have a strong and growing collection of extra features and downloadable apps, too, including Smart TV apps like Netflix and Now TV, so you can even catch up on your favourite programs at your own leisure all from one console.

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