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Get the perfect home set up with Argos' selection of PC monitors and stands. From big 32 inch screens, to stylishly curved monitors, Argos has a great range of PC monitors to choose from to hook up to your computer. Sometimes when you have lots of files and folders open at the same time, it's also incredibly useful to have more than one monitor set up; this is particularly handy so that you don't have to keep closing so many applications and for maintaining focus on what you're doing – for graphic design, or gaming, too, it's a revelation.

If you're a big fan of computing, then maybe a new laptop or tablet, would be something you're after. Pick up a webcam, too, and contact friends and family for face-to-face conversations, no matter where they are in the world. Get in the zone with a pair of headphones so you don't disrupt anyone else when you're listening to your playlists. And, if you need extra storage for your PC as well as another monitor, then an external hard drive would solve many excessive data issues.

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