Struggling to get a decent signal? Want to make your current one stronger? Or, you need a router to start it all off? Argos understands that a contemporary lifestyle often requires a reliable, wireless network connection, and we stock everything you'll need to set your home up with a strong one. So, instead of making do with a dodgy connection upstairs when you're trying to stream some Netflix in bed, or trying to webcam a friend on a long-distance call, get a Wi-Fi range extender kit and make sure all the rooms in your house receive the best signal possible. Don't limit yourself, just get networking.

Nowadays you can connect almost all technology up to wireless networks, and Argos stocks everything you might want. We have laptops, tablets and netbooks which are easily transportable and handy to use at home or elsewhere. Argos has a great selection of smartphones, too, so you can even access your emails and catch up on social media, from a small, hand-held device if you can pick up a WiFi connection or 4G anywhere. Smart TV is a great addition, too, especially if you like to have the option of what to watch anytime television or movies at your own leisure. But, it doesn't stop there – we also have Smart home options such as smart lighting and smart plugs, so you can keep your home environment in order, just by a few clicks on your phone.

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