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If you love music, why would you want to leave your favourite artists at home? With Argos' selection of iPods, MP3 players and headphones, you'll never have to leave the house again without a soundtrack to your day. Whether you're on a morning run, a bus journey to work, or a holiday abroad, these pocket-sized devices let you roam every corner of the world with your choice of sounds around you. And, in this section we also stock all the accessories you'll need to keep it safe, mobile and easy to use. With these gadgets, your music won't take up precious storage space on your smartphone anymore, and you'll free up more space for pictures and apps.

Kit out your house with some more audio equipment. At Argos, we stock a variety of docking stations that are compatible with most iPods, MP3 players and smartphones, so you can easily share your sounds without having to put headphones in. We have a great range of speakers to choose from so you can crank up the volume on your favourite songs from a stereo amplifying system. For something old-school, whip out the vinyl and get yourself a turntable to recall some of the warmth of the first studio recordings. And, if you like some of those classic frequencies, why not tune in to some chat shows and get a couple of radios for the house so you can listen in on all the latest music, entertainment and debates, live from your home.

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