Our fantastic range of business projectors are ideal for giving lectures, presentations and seminars. Expand on your talk and engage your colleagues, classmates and others with some striking images to back up your speech. Our projectors are particularly portable and will only require a couple of cables to hook them up to a laptop or computer. We also have a range of accessories such as projector screens, mounts, cables and clickers, so you'll have everything you need to get from start to finish with ease. However, these projectors aren't limited to the office, and are also excellent for movie nights, gaming, slideshows and more, instead of a smaller television screen.

If, however, you'd like to expand your home office supplies Argos has everything from desks to fax machines. So, why not find yourself a comfy desk chair to roll through your work load. Make physical copies of all your documents with one of our printers, or destroy any unnecessary paperwork with one of our shredders.

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