Enjoy your moment in the spotlight with our range of karaoke machines and equipment. With a selection of input options, you can load up your favourite tunes and sing along. Bluetooth models allow for wireless connection, and dual-mic versions are perfect for those soul-stirring duets. Get the kids involved with junior styles featuring fun designs, like movie characters and disco balls.

Portable mp3 players such as iPods are perfect for listening to your favourite artists when you're on the go. With a range of capacities available, you'll be able to squeeze your entire record collection into your pocket. Many smartphones also have space for all your music, so you don't have to double up on devices.

A quality DAB radio is ideal for enjoying high-fidelity audio at home. Connect some speakers and place them in either corner of your room for immersive sound. Or plug in a pair of headphones and play those banging beats to your heart's content, without disturbing the whole family.

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