Fancy yourself as a bit of a singer? Or, just a tone-deaf, party fanatic? Either way, you'll be sure to love our selection of Karaoke machines and equipment. Ranging from little disco ball styled versions for kids, to bigger, hi-fi systems for adults, we've got a great variety to suit any taste and scenario. We also stock plenty of karaoke discs with hundreds of chart sensations to sing along to, so you'll never run out of material. And, check the mic before you wreck the mic, we've got plenty of microphones to choose from too, in corded and wireless format, so you can spin the track your own way.

If you're a lover of music, then why not look at our range of speakers, too. And, if you prefer something with a more traditional sound to CD players, then why not dust of the crates of vinyl, and get yourself a turntable. However, if you want something whilst on the move, our selection of iPods and MP3 players, are sure to do the trick. Most smartphones are able to store music on them too, but rather than blasting out a tasteless, tinny sound, why not invest in a pair of headphones or earphones, to enjoy the fullness of the music.

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