Home cinema systems and sound bars

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Change the way you watch TV with your own home cinema systems and sound bars. Larger screens mean that you can feel one step closer to the action when you're watching our favourite movies. Surround sound gives you an extra level of immersion when you're indulging in an action flick.

Your speakers can do multiple jobs in one, such as picking up on the lowest of bass notes. Control your television and your speaker with one remote. Portable Bluetooth options mean you can take your speakers to any room and enjoy some tunes while you cook.

Keep the rest of your living room cosy with a sofa you can sink into. Don't miss out on a single detail with a smart TV. These have crystal clear HDR, perfect for all your viewing purposes – gaming included. Need a better view? Support up to 40, 55 or even 65 inch models with a nifty TV stand in classic walnut or sleek chrome design.

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