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Having a great camera is exciting, so having all the accessories to go along with it will make your experience even better. In this section, we have everything from battery grips and camera cables, to attachable microphones and remote controls. Exploring what these useful extra gadgets can do to help your art, will give you greater options on and off your shoots. Plus, at Argos, we also have a range of photo editing software which will help you refine the image you set out to capture, and display it exactly how you imagined it. Also, these fantastic software suites, will give you the opportunity to design photo based artwork, posters, logos, websites and more.

However, before getting into the studio, remember to be kitted out for all your shoots. Tripods are a must have for capturing steady and consistently well-positioned photographs. DSLR camera bags will help you keep your kit, such as another camera lens and a spare memory card, all in one place and readily available to hand. Argos also have a great range of laptops, PCS and tablets, so, when you return, you'll have the computer ready for the editing process.

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