Get creative with your photography with our selection of camera filters and flashes. When you're shooting in low light or looking for a professional shot in the studio, they're essential kit for achieving high-quality images. We've got options that'll work with either DSLR cameras or film.

Portraits usually require a flash, and accessories such as a reflector or diffuser can help you create soft illumination and an airbrushed finish. You can choose from remote-operated and detachable flashes, so you decide when you want the extra boost. Even a compact camera can have a separate flash.

Using a controlled flash or a tint created by a filter fitted to your camera lens gives you a great shot even before you edit. But for the most professional finish, you'll still want to make tweaks to get it just right. A PC or tablet with photo editing programmes will give your images an edge and let you emphasise the right effect. Simply slot your memory card into the computer to start playing around with the images.

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