Don't struggle against the forces of nature – when the natural light runs out, you're going to need support from your accessories. Versatile, powerful and easy to use, Argos' range of camera flashes, are designed to make capturing a photograph easier in any conditions. Camera filters, however, are a slightly different component; for example, skylight filers are designed to protect the front of a camera lens from dirt, so if you're out shooting on some bike trails, this will be ideal to stop the mud damaging your gear. Other filters give you the option to manually alter the colour temperature and the diffusion of LED lights, so you can prep your photo for the outcome before taking them to the editing suite – just get creative with it.

Once you've caught the perfect shot, or if you'd prefer to edit your photos post-shoot, then why not get yourself a laptop, PC or tablet, and download some photo editing software to play around the images. With our selection of DSLR cameras, there's often no need to have too many manual filters either as often they come built-in to the hardware. And, if you're concerned you'll run out of space, then why not pick up an extra memory card to ensure you'll have plenty of room to keep shooting.

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