If you love racket sports, then squash is a fantastic game to try out. Fast paced and intense, this game is not only highly skilful, but it will undoubtedly get you fit and keep you in shape. At Argos, we have a range of gear designed for you to hone your craft. We have a range of squash shoes created with excellent grip to make your movements on the court sharp and agile. And, we stock all the equipment you'll need from squash rackets to balls, to get you set for the match. So, just find your local squash club and get working on your shots.

At Argos, we stock a range of tennis rackets, badminton rackets, and table tennis bats, so you can delve into in all kinds of racket sports. If you're into other ball sports, we also stock footballs for aspiring strikers; basketballs for those seeking three pointers, and rugby balls for those up for a physical battle.

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