Take a break from physically exertive sports, and get potting against your opponents with Argos' selection of pool equipment. Pool is a wonderfully sociable game, so putting up a pool table in your house will give you a chance to set up home tournaments, or have something to play casually alongside a long catch up with your friends and family. At Argos, we have everything from balls to cues, so the foundations of your competition will be set up in no time. And, if space is a bit of an issue, we have small, miniature sizes, ranging up to professional sized tables, to fit whatever room you have available.

If you're into pool, then why not check out of snooker for a slightly more complex game – we stock snooker cues, snooker tables, and more to get you started. But, if you'd prefer something a bit more physical, then get yourself one of our footballs and take to the pitches; grab one of our rugby balls and dive for the turf, and bounce one of our basketballs around your opponents on court. And, if you'd still like to try something different, then why not get some swimwear, or a wet suit, and get one of our kayaks so you can take on the waters and set yourself a new challenge.

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