Grab your sticks and take to the turf with Argos' range of hockey gear. Field hockey is a growing sport and Argos stocks everything you'll need to start practicing your technique and netting some big hits with your blade. Made using a variety of different materials, such as wood and Kevlar, we stock a range of hockey sticks to suit your size and style. Take a look through our selection of clothing and specialised footwear too, so you have all the appropriate sportswear for hockey games and training. And, we also stock and other equipment you may need, such as balls and nets, so you can play wherever you like.

If you're into ball games, Argos has a great stock of other sporting equipment to get going such as rugby balls for the brave, snooker tables for the strategists, and basketballs for the agile. And, if you like to keep fit, so you can improve your in-game stamina, get some of our fitness equipment and make yourself a home gym. We have exercise mats for core work, dumbbells for strength training, and skipping ropes for endurance, amongst many other products. 

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