Woodwind instruments

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Whether you play the clarinet, the flute or are a beginner on the recorder, you'll be blown away by our woodwind section.

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With a fantastically smooth, haunting or penetrating sound, woodwind instruments are incredibly versatile, and their sounds vary dramatically depending on your instrument of choice. Reed instruments, such as the clarinet, offer a lot of depth in their playing styles, but are particularly pleasant in sound for those soaring legato pieces, or warm, jazzy solos. Flutes, on the other hand, can often bring a feeling of ethereality to the piece, and lift the music to a mystical realm. Harmonicas emphasise the harsh reality of blues music, and rasp out, struggling emotive notes. But, whatever your instrument, don't let these brief descriptions define your style – develop something unique, create, and learn new techniques as you go. Your musical journey starts as soon as you pick up an instrument.

To aid your site reading, a music stand will prop up your sheet music and make it all a lot easier to see as you play. If you'd like to try a different instrument, however, then check out our selection of electric guitars, musical keyboards, drum kits, and more, for something else that takes your fancy. And, if you'd like some music to accompany your day to day, then get hold of one of our MP3 players and you'll never be without your favourite tunes.

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