String instruments

Pick, pluck or strum
No matter how you choose to play, you're guaranteed a great sound with one of our stringed instruments.

Why buy at Argos?

There's something magical about an orchestra of string instruments coming together and playing in harmony, so why not join that movement? At Argos, we have a range of instruments to get involved with. So, if you see yourself fiddling along to a conductor, in a string quartet, or performing in grand halls with orchestras, then pick up the violin and start practicing your bowing skills. The violin is also very versatile, and is just as comfortable playing fiddle lines in a folk band. If that's the field you want to go into, then try out a banjo and work on those twiddles. We also have a range of ukuleles too if you fancy trying something out a bit different, along with a range of string instrument accessories.

If you are playing in an orchestra, a music stand is an essential guide so you don't miss all the complex changes. But, if you'd prefer to try your hand at something else, we also have electric guitars, drum kits, musical keyboards, and more. And, there's no need to be without music these days, so get yourself an MP3 player and listen to your favourite compositions wherever you may be.

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