Music books and song books

Learning from scratch? Adding to your repertoire? Find your next party piece in our music and song books.


Welcome to the world of musical literature! When starting out your musical career or hobby, it's always useful to understand how to read the language of music. Although it's not essential for everyone to get started, it's always going to be handy either way. At Argos, we have a range music and song books to get you practicing. From brass to woodwind, they'll teach you scales, songs and techniques to help you understand your chosen instrument in a greater depth than before. So, if you fancy learning some classical pieces for keyboard, or some traditional, folk finger-picking styles, then get one of these books and boost your knowledge of the musical world.

Having a music stand is always useful so you can have your notations out in front of you. If you still haven't decided what instrument to opt for, then look through our range. We have electric guitars, musical keyboards, drum kits and acoustic guitars, to name a few. And, if you don't want to go anywhere without your favourite songs, then get an MP3 player for the road, and listen along as you go about your day.

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