Always wanted to play the piano but they're just too impractical for your house? Or, perhaps you just prefer the digital sound of keyboard? Our selection of digital pianos and musical keyboards are designed for you. With a built-in collection of sounds, from strings to brass, you can manipulate many instruments from the same machine using the same note and chord patterns. Our keyboards can be plugged into amps, easily transported and even used with headphones if you don't want to disturb anyone whilst you're playing. So, take a walk on the keys, and see if you can find something for your new music project.

If you'd like to pluck some strings instead, then why not check out our acoustic guitars, electric guitars and bass guitars, for a different kind of playing style altogether. One of our music stands might come in handy too, so you can follow the notes or tablature as you play. If you would prefer to be part of the rhythm section, then get yourself one of our drum kits and start filling in the gaps. And, if you can't go anywhere without music, get an MP3 player to take with you wherever you go.

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