Fancy yourself as someone with a great sense of rhythm? Love getting down to the beat at parties? Then a drum kit sounds like your perfect partner. With a range of small, junior acoustic sets to portable wooden congas, Argos has a selection of drums and percussion for you to jam along to any style of music. So, if you fancy yourself as a stadium rock drummer, with emphatic snares and clanging crashes, our collection of acoustic kits will suit you. However, if you require a bit of quiet elsewhere in the house as you practice, then get a digital kit so you don't irritate any of your family, friends and neighbours.

If drumming isn't for you, then Argos can riff off a few other instruments you might like to try – why not start sending a few solos over your favourite tunes with an electric guitar, or funk up the place with a musical keyboard, and get down with some jazz. Embrace the arts with Argos - why not give painting or drawing a go with one of our art sets, arts and crafts boxes, or even put together something from our model kits.

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