Musical instruments

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Is there a better way to spend your spare time than playing music? At Argos, we have a range of musical instruments attuned to your taste. So, whether you want to pluck away your blues on a resonator; fill your soul with clarinet; beat out the rhythm on some drums; send soaring strings through the air, or feel the funk of the keyboard, Argos has what you need to get started. With everything from woodwind to percussion, you're guaranteed to find an instrument that resonates with you. We also stock a range of music and song books to help you find your path and a selection of accessories such as music stands, tuners and metronomes.

If you like music, then why not expand your artistic side into the world of art. At Argos, we have plenty of art sets, arts and crafts, model kits and more, to test your dexterity and inspire your imagination. And, we also stock sewing machines and accessories for all the dress makers, tailors and designers out there too. Create something with the help of Argos.

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