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Exercise, weight training, and participating in any sports to keep healthy, can sometimes feel like you're not making much progress. But, with Argos' range of fitness technology, you'll be able to set yourself manageable targets and see your stamina increase. For example, with our running GPS and watches, you'll be able to set yourself a route, see how fast you're going, and aim to beat your best time, or make a consistent effort to match it. And, with some of the devices, you'll be able to input your personal details, such as current weight, height, and so on, so the fitness device can measure the amount of calories you're burning, how much energy you're using, and more.

Consider expanding your home gym with some of Argos' supplies. We have everything from exercise mats and skipping ropes, to dumbbells and free-weights. And, why not get some useful gear to help you so you don't push yourself too hard, such as wrist support wraps and weightlifting belts. We also have a range of yoga mats if you'd like to try a more meditative form of exercise.

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