Car accessories


Get your car all the accessories you need to make your life easier and more enjoyable. Cars are busy places and mud, food and other dirt gets everywhere, so get some car seat covers and mats, so you'll be able to clean your car with ease. They also come in a range of styles, such as faux leather, so you'll be able to personalise your vehicle too. If you have a pet, then get some of our handy pet travel accessories so they don't distract you when you're driving and they can enjoy the journey as much as you. Expand your luggage space with a roof rack so if you're off on a group adventure, you don’t have to stuff everyone into the car. We also have wheel trims and in-car tech to check out, so take a look around.

If you’d like to improve your sound system, then why not get some new car speakers and car stereo? With some of the models we have in store, you'll be able to link your smartphone up to them and play your favourite music wherever you go. And, never mind the animals, if your passengers are distracting too, then get some built-in car DVD players and keep them entertained on long trips. To save arguments over music, get them some MP3 players and then you'll all be able to listen to whatever you want.

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