Car equipment and accessories



Kit your car out with all the equipment and accessories you need so you can enjoy travelling from A to B. We have everything from car seat covers, for style and easy cleaning, to roof racks so you can add extra space to your car for luggage or bikes. And, there's no need to be concerned with any simple issues when driving, as we have a range on car maintenance tools to keep you moving. From battery chargers and engine starts, to car tyre inflators and compressors, you'll be able to get going again as quickly as possible, should you hit a bump along the way on your journey.

We also have a range of equipment for cars in our technology section. Get the sound system you want with our range of car stereos and car speakers. With some of the latest models, you'll be able to sync your sound system with your smartphone and play your favourite tunes as you drive. Keep your mini passengers entertained with an in car DVD player or a portable console like a Nintendo Switch, so that you can focus on your driving. If you want to feel more secure on the roads, we sell dash cams so you'll be able to safeguard yourself against insurance policies.

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