Showers and accessories


Here, at Argos, we have a fantastic range of showers and shower based products from fully framed protective screens, to a shiny new head to replace your old one that will keep your experience fresh. If it's a standalone shower unit or a nifty power shower, designed to fit above your bathtub, then we have what you need. Often a bathroom can be someone's favourite room in the house because it gives you a few moments to refresh, so why not make it even more homely. 

We stock everything you'll need to kit out your bathroom to your needs. Get yourself a nice new shower curtain to match your theme and sift through our collection of bathroom cabinets to keep all your products in one place and out of sight. Perhaps a bathroom scales would be handy to keep you on track with your latest diet, or a linen basket would be useful in the corner to chuck your clothes in. Whilst you're at it, why not treat yourself to a couple of new towels to ensure that warm and cosy post-shower feeling - this way you won't have to reuse the same one without it having a chance to dry yet. Find it, get it, Argos it.

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