Bathroom fixtures, panels and suites



Everyone wants to feel like their bathroom is smart and clean so you leave in the morning feeling refreshed and ready for another day. Here, at Argos, our bathroom fixtures, panels and suites section offers you just that. With useful additions, such a basin plug for catching those pesky hairs to prevent your sinks and baths clogging up, and timed extractor fans to keep the air fresh and dry, we have it all the necessary bathroom accessories

For a broader selection of bathroom based products, such as bathroom mirrors and scales, why not take a look through the rest of our website. Those little extras can make a big difference and really bring a room together – particularly one that represents your house so intimately. Perhaps a snug bath mat under the toes for after a shower will warm up the tiles nicely and a fluffy, luxurious new towel to wrap up in would be the perfect solution. And, for those moments you need to just zone out and catch up on some well-earned personal time, perhaps some scented candles would make a wonderful accompaniment for a bubble bath. Treat yourself at Argos.

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