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Time to prune the roses? Got a hedge that's running riot on the driveway? Need to dig a hole for your new pond installation? Argos has all the tools of the trade. Whether you're a budding garden fanatic and love looking after your own greenery, or, if you need some tools for the finer jobs at work, we have a great selection for you to choose from. Get a pair of shears or loppers for shaping an overgrown bush; grab hold of a hand trowel for potting those pansies, or take a few prime clippings with some secateurs and get growing your favourite flowers. With the right tools, looking after your garden is easy.

We stock a wide range of other useful garden equipment so have a look through the rest of the site. If that bush is too tangled to tackle with mere hand tools, then we have hedge trimmers that will make easy work of it. And, to save room in green bins, get yourself a garden shredder to take care of garden debris. To keep things tidy, we also stock leaf blowers to clear up the lawn and patio spaces. No matter what size, maintain your grass with one of our lawnmowers –  cordless, petrol, manual – whatever suits you. And, if you want to get your patio shining, why not get one of our pressure washers to blast away the dirt and grime.
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