Gardening tools



Take care of you garden and get it into shape with our massive range of gardening tools and equipment. Sometimes letting your garden grow can be a healthy part of the natural process, but there comes a time when the wild needs to be tamed and, if you want it to look smart, at Argos, we have what you need. We have everything from the tools to craft it and the handy items to deal with the excess garden waste. If you need to fix up the hedge or give the roses a prune, then get yourself a sharp pair of shears, but, if you need to get in tight spots, a strong pair of secateurs will clip away the unwanted bits of plant and branches with ease. If you want to give one of your trees a lift and the branches are too thick for smaller tools, why not employ one of our hand saws or chainsaws for the big jobs. 

There's no need to leave these bits lying around – grab a wheelbarrow to save you dragging your green bin around and make disposing of the branches a simpler job. If, however, you fancy using this wood as fuel, consider getting yourself a fireplace for the house, or, for a quicker and fun option for you garden, get a fire pit and then you can combine the results of your manual labour with a social gathering later on around the fire.

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