Garden pots and containers


Why Buy At Argos?

Contain your garden with our selection of garden pots and planters, and utilise your space to its full potential. Instead of digging up the soil of the flower beds and having to deal with the pesky spreading of weeds, these planters are a more manageable option and are versatile in arrangement. Our collection ranges from wooden trellis planters to novelty bicycle frame pots, so if you're after an artistic presentation of your garden, or if you're just looking to have some fun with it, we have a selection appropriate for your tastes. 

Whether you're a keen gardener or not, however, it's always useful to have some gardening tools so have a look through our store and find what you need. Grab a few tool bags and if garden storage is an issue, consider putting up a shed for all your gardening gear. If you want to raise your garden towards the sky, then how about getting a pergola to train some vines on or hang some flower basket planters. You could even build a patio beneath and create a lovely outside dining area with one of our garden table and chair sets lit by a few dangling lanterns.

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