DIY tools and kits


Why Buy At Argos?

Moving house or giving your current residence a makeover can feel like a lot of effort without the right equipment, but, with our selection of DIY tools and kits, you'll be able to lighten the load and take a fun, practical approach to your ventures. From nifty little compact multi-tools to the kits that store all your equipment, Argos has it all. Taking on these jobs are far more manageable with a spot of planning and preparation, so make sure you're ready.

For example, if you're refitting plug sockets it might be worth considering grabbing a couple of torches so you can work even when all the lights go out – plus they're handy for a weekend of camping or hiking in the countryside. When it's safe to switch the electricity back on, it might be worth getting some extension leads and cable reels so you don’t have to stretch your plug-in electric tools in an uncomfortable or unsafe manner. Also, if you’re working on the electrical network in your house, we have a handy range of cable detectors so you don't risk severing any internal power supplies with your drills.  
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