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Transform your own home with our magnificent selection of DIY tools and power tools. Home renovation can be a lot more rewarding and economically efficient doing it yourself rather than just getting someone else in to do it for a more expensive fee – besides, it's fun too! Our tools are reliable and effective so you may not need to call in help again once you start taking on your own projects and become confident with your own skills.

We stock the simpler hand tools such as screwdrivers for popping a set of shelves together or drills to whack them up quicker with handy tool boxes to store your equipment. There's also plenty of other specialist tools for the more advanced grafters out there such as angle grinders and saws for competent carpenters. Also, if you need a hand decorating, this section has all the tools you need, but don't forget those useful extras such as step ladders to help you reach those pesky spots out of reach.
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