Cot toys, baby mobiles and nightlights



Getting your baby to drift off to sleep can be hard at times, but with the help of a few bits and bobs from Argos, they're sure to nod off to sleep in no time. We have a selection of cot toys that will keep them entertained before it's time to sleep and then they'll enjoy getting into bed too. Our selection of mesmerising baby mobiles, which you can simply clip onto the frame of their cot, will help ease them off into a restless sleep whilst they watch the shapes circle above. And, if they don't like it when the lights go out, then our range of nightlights and projectors, will glow in the dark and keep them from fearing the shadows.

If they are struggling and you want to give them a chance to sleep on their own, then get a baby monitor so you don't have to be standing over them all night. We also have a great range of baby pillows and baby blankets so they can get cosy. And, perhaps their mattress isn't the best for helping them sleep – if that's the case, get one of our cot mattresses and it'll soon help them drift off. Also, with our strollers and baby carriers, they won't have to exhaust themselves as you go about your daily life, and they'll be able to get some kip on the move.

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