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Kids love exploring, but sometimes they need restrictions and boundaries put in place for their own safety. At Argos, we sell a wide range of different ways for you to fence off certain spaces and keep your child safe from harm in the house. We have safety gates you can put at the top and bottom of the stairs to stop them from climbing or falling - they also work as a great way to shut off rooms so, for example, when you're cooking they don't get under your feet whilst your holding a hot pan. Playpens are a great way to keep them contained and occupied too – get some baby toys in with them and they'll see it as an arena of fun and not a restriction on their world. We also stock bed rails, fireguards and plenty of safety accessories, like plug covers and drawer latches, to keep their little hands away from danger.

We also have a wide range of other products to keep your little one safe. Get some baby monitors with audio and video for when you're not in the room; baby car seats so they're properly strapped in when you're travelling, and baby bouncers and baby walkers for somewhere a bit more fun to leave them for a few minutes.

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