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Looking after your baby's health and ensuring their safety is of paramount importance when it comes to their early years. At Argos, we have all the equipment you'll need to kit your home out to make sure it's safe enough for your new little one. We have a wide range of baby monitors with audio and video options so you can listen out for and keep an eye on your youngster. Protect them from stairs, fireplaces, rooms and more, with our selection of safety gates, playpens, fireguards and rails. Look after their bodies with our selection of health care products too, such as thermometers to ensure they are well, and scales to see their growth and physical progress.

If your baby is healthy, then it's likely they'll be a lot happier and more able to enjoy their younger years. So, get them a baby walker to start prowling around the house; a baby bouncer to keep them secure and bounding around; baby toys to play with on their own or with others; baby trikes to get them zooming about, and baby baths to clean them up after a long day exploring.

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