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If you're working or spending a lot of time away from your baby, breast feeding can be a bit hard when you're not there. However, there's no need to be concerned that your baby won't get all the appropriate nutrients they need at feeding time. With Argos' range of incredibly handy breast pumps and accessories, you'll be able to stock up your fridge in advance with a selection of baby bottles. Our collection of breast pumps are available in manual and electric, so you'll be able to find one that you're comfortable using too.

To ensure feeding time doesn't become too much of a messy affair, we have baby bibs to protect your youngster's clothing. And, if you feel like they need to learn how to use a cup instead of a bottle, we have baby cups to get them started. When they're getting all the nutrients they need, they'll start to get stronger. So, get them started on their first steps with a baby walker from Argos. These will start to strengthen their leg muscles and help them begin walking. We also have a selection of baby bouncers too so they can have some fun whilst learning.

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