Potty and toilet training



Youngsters grow up so fast, but not without your guidance and some essential products to help them make the next step in their life. Often the first step is getting them to use a potty. At Argos, we have range of different designs to encourage them to go to the toilet appropriately and to help them feel like they're growing up. We also have a variety of toilet seats that can be placed over the toilet, so they can use the one in the main bathroom without risking falling in. But, being so small, they'll need some help getting up there – that's why we sell step stools so they can climb to the top all on their own.

If your child is still a bit young for all of this, we also have a great range of baby changing bags so you can take care of them on the move and deal with any impromptu toilet breaks. We also sell baby baths so you can clean them up before bed time, and tuck them in with their baby pillow and baby blanket. Whilst they're asleep, keep an ear out for them without having to be in the room with one of our baby monitors, and you'll have less worries about leaving them alone to drift into dreamland.

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