Baby and Christening gifts



Welcome a new born baby to the world with Argos' range of baby and christening gifts. New life is a momentous event, so celebrate and make an occasion of it. We have a range of different ideas, starting with some tableware suitable for the little one; these selected designs will make their mealtime that little bit more special. Another fantastic idea is to get them a money box – from a young age, if they have a little pot of savings to build on, who knows how much they'll have in there in years to come. A more sentimental gift, however, would be some photo albums and photo frames, so they can start building a collection of memories to look back on as they grow up.

Despite our range of ideas for gifts, there's so many things a new born needs. Consider getting a baby monitor so the parents can relax when the baby isn't in the room. Make their cot a snuggly place to be with baby pillows and a baby blanket. And, when they wake, get them some baby toys to play with, or one of our baby swings to keep them entertained.

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