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Things are heating up this summer at Argos, and you can find everything you need to make your summer one to remember right here. If you're getting away with the family make sure to check out our range of cool kids clothing to make sure your little ones are kitted out to enjoy the holidays. And while you're at it grab a new DSLR camera to take perfect summer snaps to savour when you're back home.

Having a staycation instead? Make your garden a paradise with our selection of comfortable garden furniture to lounge on, and why not create a dining area with some decking for when guests come round? Speaking of which, you can pipe some tunes into the garden via a Sonos speaker and keep the party going into those long evenings (just don't annoy your neighbours too much).

Of course it's possible to have too much of a good thing, and if the scorching heat of 2018 is getting to you, we can help. First, grab some air conditioning to make the house more comfortable. Second, upgrade your TV with one of our selection of OLED TVs to create a superior visual experience in your living room. And for the final touch grab a Nintendo Switch, XBox One, or PS4 and kick back with a cool drink and relax. Summers are simple at Argos.